Top 15 News Sites and Blogs That Medical Device Companies Should Be Aware of in 2022

It will come as no surprise to any medical device company — whether designer, engineer, or manufacturer — that medical technology is forever changing. Advancements and new innovations have become a constant. Because of that, it’s imperative for companies to stay on top of any and all medical technology, or MedTech, news, best practices, and regulations.

We’ve compiled our list of the top 15 news sites and blogs that any medical device company should keep their eye on:

Our picks of the top 15 news sites & blogs for medical device companies

Differential Diagnosis

This blog written by Nadav Shimoni the head of digital health in Arkin Holdings, a leading investment firm dedicated to empower companies in the healthcare market, gives you exposure to what ticks investors and to new trends, challenges, and the opportunities in digital healthcare today.

Out of Pocket

One of the reasons we love this collection of medical device blog posts is because of their writing style, they take complex topics in healthcare and make them easy to understand. Their goal is to make it accessible, entertaining, and understandable for anyone who wants to learn. In short, they want to cut through the noise and simply explain the business. 

Medical Device Academy

These blogs are all about education and compliance. If your goal is to learn about compliance, this blog is for you. Medical Device Academy also offers FDA forms and even accepts submissions.

Medical Device News Magazine

Medical Device News Magazine is a digital publication reporting on any and all things related to medical devices. Topics include information about the latest medical devices to hit the market, clinical trials, funding, mergers and acquisitions plus biotech/diagnostic industry news.

MedCity News

MedCity News touts themselves as ‘the leading online news source for the business of innovation in healthcare.’ One look at their list of news articles and you may agree. They offer great insight into the medical industry, innovations, and what’s coming next.

MedTech Intelligence

MedTech Intelligence is a medical website that offers an impressive amount of information and news. They cover health, economics, design, development, manufacturing as well as information about the quality and regulatory issues. They offer featured articles, regular columns and an upcoming events calendar.

Green Light Guru

Green Light Guru is a straight-up medical device blog. These blogs are essential for anyone developing a medical device. They offer best practices and insights on medical device quality, compliance, and development. If you’re facing challenges with quality management, this blog offers advice from the experts..

Medical Marcom

This compilation of blogs focuses on helping companies market their medical devices. Medical Marcom is a marketing consulting firm that specializes in communications and strategy for medical device companies. Their aim is to help businesses build their brand, generate leads, and think differently about how they market their devices. The blogs are authored by Joe Hage, a thought leader in the medical device industry. Hage manages the biggest medical device group on Linkedin and is also the persona behind the 10x Medical Device Conference.


Over 5000 readers subscribe to Orthogonal’s monthly newsletter. Via that and their website full of articles and white papers, these guys offer information on SaMD, DTx & Connected Device Systems. 

Fierce Healthcare

Fierce Healthcare’s website is full of the latest information out there. It’s not so much a ‘how to’ but a ‘what you should know about the industry in general.’ Here you’ll find information about digital health, but also information about which CEO is doing what to improve outcomes. 

Medical Device HQ

Not only does Medical Device HQ offer in-house training and online courses on developing and managing medical devices, their site offers information on risk management, and regulations surrounding medical devices.

Medical Device Network

Medical Device network really focuses on data, insights and analysis of studies, tests, and equipment. In short? They decipher the information for you.

Medical News Today

This particular section of Medical News Today deals strictly with medical device testing. Like the previous entry, this site offers you the information you need about a variety of tests on one easy-to-navigate website. 


MD+DI (Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry) touts themselves as “a resource exclusively for original equipment manufacturers of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic products.” Their goal is to help developers design and manufacture products that comply with demanding regulations.

Medical Devices Community

As the name states, this website is a community site. Their purpose as they say is to create a network for medical device designers, developers, manufacturers, etc. so they can come together and exchange ideas and experiences.

Now that You’re in the Know…

We all know that staying current in the medical device industry is a must. So we hope this list of websites and blogs on medical device industry news will add to your knowledge base. And that in turn will help you and your company continue to move forward in the industry. At BioT, our vision is to make world-class medical care accessible to patients wherever they are. We too do that by helping our clients keep current on what’s new and what’s happening. As a company, we ourselves remain vigilant about news, regulations, and security. Contact us today to assess your readiness status.

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