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Transform your medical devices into connected care solutions in a single day with our regulated cloud platform

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Connect, Collaborate, Care

BioT cloud platform allows you to easily connect your devices, create customized patient and caregiver workflows, and integrate with the entire ecosystem.

Self-Service Portal-Builders & Device Integration

  • Configure the BioT platform to connect, control and exchange information with your devices
  • Create your manufacturer portals and define workflows that allow you to manage your devices and customers (health organizations), collect data from devices, and create actionable insights
  • Create custom portals for your customers allowing them to manage their connected care operations - define caregiver workflows, clinical views, and integration with the caregiver ecosystem
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Device Management & Data Collection

  • Device and gateways management - facilitates device pairing, authentication, certificate management, remote configuration, events/alerts, log collection, firmware updates (FOTA) and inventory management
  • Clinical measurement module - centralizes clinical measurements and data across all sources (medical devices, user inputs, EHR), for live and historical monitoring, as well as clinical analysis and insights 

Medical-Grade Cybersecurity

  • Implements cloud security best practices via our in-house certified DevSecOps team  
  • Updates continuously according to the changes in cyber threat landscape
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HIPAA and GDPR Compliance

  • Privacy assurance through PHI (Protected Health Information) encryption and user based access management policies
  • Patient consent management - adults and adolescents, multi- revision, multilingual, multi types
  • Audit logs - patient behavior, caregiver access, device events
  • Multi-region data routing compliance - supports multiple cloud deployments and routing of device data
HIPAA Compliance
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Patient Monitoring & Engagement

Continuously monitor, diagnose, and manage patients health and quickly respond to abnormal events.

  • Non-adherence module - detects deviations of actual use vs. prescription use, alerting and predicting non-adherence
  • Rule-based module - trigger alerts to be handled by recipients, e.g. caregivers. Triggers can be defined as biomarker events or technical device errors
  • PROMs (Patient Reported Outcomes) module - enables users to create patient questionnaires, dispatch according to schedule or event, collect responses and analyze trends according to questionnaire scores
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Ecosystem Integration

Out-of-the-box integration facilities with the medical ecosystem and deployment scenarios:

  • On-cloud and on-prem: seamless integration via the cloud abstraction layer to a variety of designated private and public cloud platforms
  • Built-in integrations with Electronic Health Records (EHR), gateways, leading EDC and Electronic Case Report Form (eCRF) systems, BI systems, data research, as well as operations tools
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Unique Plug-in Mechanism for Introducing Your Proprietary Algorithms


Integrate your own code to the BioT platform


Hook in to any flow

  • - Device data flows
  • - Authorization and authentication
  • - Commands and configurations


Add your own algorithm


Automatic integration into our cloud and cyber security envelope

Own Your Own Data

BioT lets you create your own data aggregator, allowing you to control and manage all data collected by your devices.

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Discover What Our Customers Have to Say

Theranica was looking for a medical IoT partner. Key factors we needed and found in BioT: cloud end to end solution, flexible, built-in features, supported regulations as HIPAA

Ronen Jashek


Co-founder & COO at Theranica

“BioT’s capabilities help us reduce our cybersecurity risk and avoid penalties or even device recall from failure to comply.”

Keren Raiten


CMO at Vectorious

“BioT’s allowed us to focus on our device while addressing all of the connected-care aspects”

Joel Rotem


Product Manager at HERAMED

BioT helped us deliver a robust large-scale SaaS on time and on quality

Guy Meger


CTO and VP R&D at EarlySense

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Why start the connected care journey for your medical device on your own and get caught unaware by the common pitfalls of cybersecurity and compliance?

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