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LIVE WEBINAR featuring Orthogonal: Transforming Medical Devices into Personalized Connected Care Solutions
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Transform Medical Devices into Connected-Care Solutions with BioT’s No-code Platform 

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Get Started with BioT’s Self-Service Platform

Experience the first-of-its-kind, no-code platform that securely transforms medical devices into connected care solutions within a day.


Build device management, patient engagement and care workflows

Plugin your own code, including real-time algorithms

Instantly integrate with EHRs and other ecosystem technologies

Are you ready to check out how easy-to-use our solution is? 

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Embrace the Power of Triple-C

BioT is an easy-to-integrate cloud-based platform designed to instantly connect medical devices, patients and caregivers to ensure a seamless continuum of care


Connect medical devices to the cloud easily and securely using ready-made modular templates


Improve health outcomes through collaboration between patients, caregivers, medical device and pharma companies


Directly engage with patients and create a personalized experience based on data-driven, actionable insights

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

Let BioT take care of connectivity, security, and personalized patient engagement, so you can focus on your core competency.

Get Your Devices on the Cloud Today with the BioT Connected Care Platform

Reduce the time to build a connected care solution to just ONE day! 

BioT Saves You Up to 80% of Time and Cost-To-Market

Build vs. Buy - Download the white paper

Taking the Complexity Out of Compliance 

Enjoy BioT's ISO 13485 compliance for any class of device, including class III. Speed up your submission to the FDA and EU notified bodies with our Design History File (DHF).

For HIPAA and GDPR compliance enjoy BioT's compliance with HIPAA and GDPR; get signed BAA & DPA agreements.

HIPAA Compliance

Save Ongoing Risks And Costs

Cybersecurity Updates
Worldwide Data Privacy Regulation Changes
Support of New Reimbursement Methodologies
Cloud Usage Optimization
Feature Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Are you ready to get connected? 

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We Are Bound to the Success of Our Customers

Theranica was looking for a medical IoT partner. Key factors we needed and found in BioT: cloud end to end solution, flexible, built-in features, supported regulations as HIPAA

Ronen Jashek


Co-founder & COO at Theranica

“BioT’s capabilities help us reduce our cybersecurity risk and avoid penalties or even device recall from failure to comply.”

Keren Raiten


CMO at Vectorious

“BioT’s allowed us to focus on our device while addressing all of the connected-care aspects”

Joel Rotem


Product Manager at HERAMED

BioT helped us deliver a robust large-scale SaaS on time and on quality

Guy Meger


CTO and VP R&D at EarlySense

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