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How Theranica connected their medical device to the cloud in less than 6 months and successfully reduced privacy and cybersecurity risks

Theranica's Nerivio Migra is an FDA-approved drug-free therapeutic wearable for the treatment of acute migraine. The Nerivio Migra offers a novel way of monitoring migraine patients remotely, made possible via collaboration with a connected care platform developed by Israeli startup BioT and deployment on AWS.

Remote monitoring  enables  personalized medical treatment where physicians can learn about their patients’ individual migraine patterns to provide more effective care. In addition, connected monitoring devices make it possible to aggregate data from patients worldwide, offering the exciting prospect that in the near future,  analysis of such data  will help identify the root causes of migraine – a phenomenon with no clear clinical explanation.


Focused on developing their core technology from day one, the company sought an out-of-the-box solution for challenges common to medical device startups, such as mitigating cybersecurity risks, complying with digital health regulation and accelerating time to market. In addition, it was important for Theranica to build their solution on a system that is commercially reliable and able to scale up quickly in order to provide a superior user experience and quality service to even hundreds of thousands of simultaneous patients. “We were looking for a medical IoT partner. Key factors that we were looking for and that we found in the BioT platform: an end-to-end cloud-based solution, flexible infrastructure, built-in remote care workflows, , and the ability to offload GDPR/HIPAA liability”, says Ronen Jashek, COO of Theranica.


Theranica addressed these challenges by powering the Nerivio Migra – a therapeutic device and mobile application – with  the BioT connected care platform and hosting their service on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Thanks to BioT’s platform, Theranica was able to optimize their resources and workflows and deliver a groundbreaking way for migraine doctors to engage directly with patients, provide better care and gain meaningful insights from collected data.

Uniquely designed to support every aspect of the connected care  

Connect Medical Device to the Cloud

BioT is a cloud-based platform that enables medical device companies to securely connect their devices to the cloud and encourage patients to donate data for medical research. Using BioT’s platform accelerated Theranica’s ability to develop a fully regulated connected solutions while reducing cybersecurity, compliance and technological risks. The fact that the platform is an off-the-shelf solution allowed the Nerivio Migra to be developed in less than 6 months, while BioT’s unique plug-in mechanisms offered Theranica complete implementation flexibility via code-level customization. Signing HIPAA BAA and GDPR DPA agreements with BioT also released Theranica from legal liability in case of breaches, allowing it to focus its resources on core priorities. Scalability is achieved by BioT’s use of AWS Autoscaling and Elastic Load Balancing, allowing Theranica to easily meet market demand. Most importantly, the BioT platform enables Theranica to retain ownership over collected patient data while providing patient engagement features such as questionnaires and patient diaries that allow physicians to manage and improve patient adherence and outcomes.

Today Theranica is scaling very quickly in the US and EU market‍s.

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