Case Study

How Theranica Leveraged Connectivity to Harness Big-Data to Build the World’s Largest Migraine Registry

A Connected device for migraine therapy

Theranica, a Prescribed Digital Therapeutics med-tech company, was founded based on a novel idea to harness innovations in neuroscience to provide the best clinically proven, drug-free treatment for migraine patients. To accomplish this, they developed a connected wearable therapeutic device for the acute treatment of migraine, allowing patients to treat and be engaged with the Nerivio device, enabling the collection of feedback and offering personalized treatment.

Theranica also wanted their product to be easily accessible and fit the patients’ modern lifestyle. It was vital that the patient experience would be simple, to encourage patient cooperation in order to receive precise data.

With the outstanding infrastructure of BioT’s connected care platform, the FDA-approved Nerivio was able to hit the market in a record time.

The Challenge:  

As a fairly small med-tech startup, Theranica needed a rapid and reliable solution. Their main focus was to accelerate product development and shorten the time to market.

Theranica decided against the costly and time-consuming in-house development of a complex infrastructure for the product’s cloud back-end portion. Instead, Theranica sought an out-of-the-box solution - a trusted partner that could expedite the time to market. They needed a solution that would relieve the burden of building infrastructure from scratch without compromising security, compliance, and functionality.

In order to achieve their goal, they required an ideal partner. They needed a company that would fulfill all these needs. This company had to be:

● Experts in the field of IoT and cloud

● Ensure regulatory compliance

● Minimized cybersecurity risks

● Commercially reliable

● Capable of scaling up quickly

● Have the know-how and ability to bring to market without the hassle of development

● Built-in capabilities for patient collaboration and engagement

● An open platform that enables modification and adaptation to new requirements in the future

We were looking for a medical IoT partner. Key factors that we were looking for and that we found in the BioT platform: an end-to-end cloud-based solution, flexible infrastructure, built-in remote care workflows, and the ability to offload GDPR/HIPAA liability”, says Ronen Jashek, COO of Theranica.

In addition to the technology and security challenges, Theranica had to create a product that patients could engage with easily. Part of the treatment requires an app that makes the treatment personalized and accessible at home and on-the-go.

The Solution: Safe, effective, and secure partner. Theranica meets BioT

Theranica found that BioT’s platform checked all the boxes. BioT instantly transforms medical devices into connected care solutions to ensure a seamless continuum of care. With its no-code Platform-as-a-Service, BioT helps complex Medical IoT devices be market-ready in a fraction of the time it would take to hire developers to plan and implement a solution.

Theranica felt confident they could lean on BioT’s technology to develop an engaging, regulated, and secure connected solution.

With BioT’s IoT connected care platform, Theranica achieved direct-to-consumer access, improving their migraine treatment product in real-time, enabling them to better serve their patients.

Theranica achieved their goal by connecting their devices to the cloud to provide personalized treatment and effectively engaging with patients for feedback (for example: tailored questionnaires and patient diaries).

Beginning with BioT’s bi-directional device and cloud platform authentication and continuing with managed consents, including adolescent support; Theranica checked the “mitigate security and privacy risks” box, enjoying the ground-to-cloud security and privacy patterns and features built into BioT. Signing HIPAA BAA and GDPR DPA agreements with BioT helped Theranica with mitigating legal liability in case of breaches, allowing them to focus its resources on core priorities. Scalability and security are further supported by BioT’s optimized use of AWS servers, allowing Theranica to easily meet market demand and remain compliant with digital health regulations. BioT met Theranica’s need for a commercially reliable partner that will help them scale-up while reducing cybersecurity risks and liabilities.

With BioT, Theranica utilizes a powerful platform that gathers, analyzes, and shares masses of data in real-time, remotely, and securely. After 18 months of production, the platform has supported tens of thousands of FDA-Approved devices with zero downtime and seamless expansions in scale and in feature sets.

BioT provided Theranica with additional benefits on the product level; Patient engagement in the form of questionnaires and diary management modules, real world data collection that can help with post clinical validation and centralized processing for ML/AI algorithms platform, just to name a few.

Uniquely designed to support every aspect of the connected care  

Connect Medical Device to the Cloud

Benefits: Verified and personalized real-time care

Thanks to the speedy development, implementation, security, and scalability capabilities of BioT, Theranica now owns the world’s largest, secure, HIPAA-compliant de-identified migraine registry.

More importantly, BioT’s built-in personalized patient engagement features encouraged patient cooperation and resulted in top-of-the-line data. While pharma companies have been selling migraine drugs and treatments for decades, within 18 months Theranica has managed to supersede them and build the largest migraine database in the world, based on its migraine treatments.

BioT seamlessly supports Theranica's need to comply with different privacy regulations and work in multiple regions. The anonymous de-identified patient data remains in the hands of Theranica ownership. This ensures that they will consistently enable physicians to manage and improve patient adherence and outcomes.

Today Theranica is scaling very quickly in the US market, as well as looking into new markets in 2022.

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