Best 10 Medical Device Podcasts of 2022

As modern medicine continues to provide new and exciting technologies, so does the world of internet communication. For example, today, we can listen to podcasts covering thousands of areas. Fortunately, medical device podcasts are included in the thousands. Manufacturers, sales reps, engineers, and medical experts are now offering up their knowledge and know-how providing information and the opportunity to learn via these podcasts.

Medical device podcasts are actually becoming a fairly hot trend as they present a platform that enables authors/podcasters to put out a large amount of information in a fairly short amount of time to a large audience. In other words, podcasts have become much more than just a form of entertainment. 

Medical Device Podcasts

The following list of medical device resources doesn’t come close to covering all that is out there, but each offers up good information, sometimes in a slightly different way. Some of the topics our picks cover include: 

  • How to choose a manufacturer
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Designing a device
  • Repairing medical devices

And of course, our specialty here at BioT, connecting medical devices to the cloud.

Our Top 10 Best Medical Device Podcasts of 2022

  1. The Global Media Device Podcast
    This podcast covers everything from how to select a contract manufacturer to why usability matters. They also offer up a good amount of information on the FDA and software regulations.
  2. Medical Device Success
    Aimed at helping small to medium-sized companies, the authors of this podcast share their experiences and insights regarding leadership, marketing, and sales challenges. 
  3. Medtech Matters
    This podcast digs deep as it covers topics on surgery, diagnostics, chronic disease, and digital health. But they also cover design and manufacturing. In fact, they offer a “7 Steps to Create Your Own Medical Device Marketing Plan.”
  4. Medical Device Made Easy Podcast
    This is the podcast to go to if you’re looking to get your medical device on the market. Author and expert Monir El Azzouzi specializes in quality and regulatory affairs and helps designers through the process via his regular posts. 
  5. Med Tech Gurus
    Med Tech Gurus is a podcast designed to help medical device execs stay on top of the industry. He offers advice on growing your sales team, commercializing new devices and even improving clinical performances.
  6. Mastering Medical Device
    Podcaster Pat Kothe shares his experience in emergency medicine, diagnostic cardiology, radiology, and neuroimaging. He’s now helping teach what it takes to provide value to the medical community and build a solid career doing it.
  7. Device Nation
    In this podcast, author Kevin Brown brings stories from the frontlines of medical device sales. He also interviews medical icons from around the world.
  8. DeviceTalks  A different kind of podcast, Device Talks prides themselves on creating a connection with listeners via stories told by medical device professionals. The goal being to create better medtech devices and companies through commentary.
  9. Medtech Money Podcast
    Powered by Project Medtech, this podcast is hosted by Giovanni Lauricella. Each segment interviews a successful entrepreneur, CEO or co-founder in fine attempt to demystify raising and investing capital for Medtech startups.
  10. Ortho Idea Podcast
    This is an interactive podcast hosted by Eric Anderson. In his podcast, he interviews a variety of guest including medical device executives, Orthopedic surgeons, and hospital administrators. This podcast offers information, humor, and surprise twists!

Listen and Learn

For anyone in the healthcare industry, whether a professional or is soon to be, staying current is a full-time job. Fortunately, podcasts now make it easier by talking about new technologies and featuring important influencers and leaders from within the medical industry. Watching long documentaries is now replaced with listening to a podcast while multitasking. And while textbooks and documentaries become outdated quickly, podcasts are on the leading edge.

Are You Ready to Connect?

At BioT, our vision is to make world-class medical care accessible to patients wherever they are. It’s always been our goal to connect caregivers, patients, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device companies. Through informative podcasts like these, we have greater access to even more information. Contact us today to assess your readiness status for connected care transformation.

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