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With BioT’s distributed medical device platform, Neteera was able to deploy their proprietary AI algorithm, creating an adaptive secured system that gives users with a seamless experience

Shahar Yaron
VP Product
Shahar Yaron
VP Product

Neteera's Breakthrough: Cloud-Powered Patient Monitoring in Collaboration with BioT

Neteera introduced a continuous, contactless solution for passive monitoring of patient vital signs and bio-data to improve care, and ultimately reduce healthcare costs, while enabling optimal comfort for the patients.

BioT’s platform with the capacity to host AI algorithms, enables Neteera to adjust their device to its customers’ changing needs, offering an adaptive customer experience

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Ongoing Device & Cloud Management

Patient Monitoring & Engagement

Medical-Grade Cybersecurity

HIPAA / GDPR Compliance & Privacy

Alerts Management

Nurses workflows built in

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