Webinar On-Demand: Effective Remote Care Through Home-Use Medical Devices

Enabling remote care for patients via home-use medical devices is a new field with great promise, especially during the COVID-19 age. However, the interest map of the various stakeholders is challenging and everyone need to be satisfied – the physician, the patient, the HMO, the device company, and others. Otherwise, the solution will fail.

In this special video case study, we will discuss these and other challenges, and how to solve them. Among those:

• How to support a remote doctor-patient dialog in a way that is likable by the patient and at the same time doesn’t overburden the doctor?
• How to mitigate privacy issues around patient data, including satisfying the device company’s requirement to collect data for its research?
• Business model options, and how to support those without major overhead.

The speakers will share their real-world experience of supporting a home-use, connected therapeutic device – Nerivio by Theranica. Nerivio is an FDA-authorized, drug-free, clinically proven device that is being used by thousands of patients in the US and lately qualified the EU CE mark and was approved for use in Israel as well.


Guy Vinograd – CTO & Co-Founder, BioT Medical
Daniel Adler – Chief Business Officer, bio-T Medical
Ronen Jashek – Co-Founder, VP Marketing & Business Development, Theranica
Nirit Lev MD Ph.D. – Head of Department of Neurology, Meir Medical Center

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