atSistemas partners with BioT to bring next-generation medical devices to patients

5 July, 2022 - atSistemas, consulting, IT services, and software development company, and BioT, the first-and-only self-service no-code platform for creating distributed medical devices, announced a strategic partnership. Digital healthcare solutions are becoming the norm as the internet of medical things (IoMT) gains ground. The atSistemas-BioT partnership brings together two leaders in their field, to offer next-generation capabilities for companies as they transition to digital health solutions.

This partnership enables medical device manufacturers to harness digital connectivity, transforming their devices into distributed medical devices, offering customers a connected-care solution at revolutionary speed: in just one day of development instead of a year (!). The unique BioT platform includes an array of out-of-the-box, connected care features (RPM, device management, and many more) that are adaptable to any device through a groundbreaking NoCode, self-service interface. These help to significantly reduce build costs, and the device’s bill-of-material, while increasing privacy control, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance.  

Manufacturers can now offer patients a personalized care solution that is customized for their needs and fully integrated into the existing caregiver ecosystem and workflows. New opportunities for direct-to-consumer relationships, as well as with providers, are also created by embracing a connected care model. 

Working with atSistemas developers, who are now equipped with BioT, allows manufacturers to be at the forefront of technology, accelerating the next stage of their product development to an unprecedented speed, while continuing to receive support from their trusted advisors, who provide an integrated experience for all their development needs.  

Gustavo Sandoval, Head of IoT & Smart Industry at atSistemas
“Our partnership with BioT brings together some of the finest minds in digital healthcare. Through their no-code, fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant platform, BioT will enable our company to seamlessly expand our world-class digital health offerings to the global healthcare market. Together we offer the next generation in connected care for medical devices to the benefit of patients everywhere,”

Daniel Adler, Co-founder, and CEO, BioT

“Biot- atSistemas partnership is a powerful combination delivering the highest level of integration and support services to our customers as we incorporate the knowledge and expertise of more than 2000 global professionals along with close-to-client locations in North and South America and in different European countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK.  With these added capabilities we can expand our connected care solution with other functionalities such as predictive maintenance, digital twins, etc. which will allow us to drive far more business impact for our clients”

About BioT

BioT is a self-service connected-care platform that, for the first time, introduces a NoCode approach to the regulated medical device space. It’s a game-changing solution to get medical devices on the cloud in a snap using a template drag-and-drop approach, without losing precious time or investing huge development and operations efforts and costs. 

Our Triple-C Connect-Collaborate-Care solution enables our customers to securely connect devices to a medical-grade cloud, boost personalized engagement and improve health outcomes through actionable insights.

BioT currently serves tens of thousands of patients globally using a variety of devices, including heart implant and neuromodulation devices.

About atSistemas

atSistemas is a consulting, IT services and software development company created in 1994, with more than 2,000 professionals and a turnover of 97.3 million euros in 2021, an increase of 24% over the previous year. We offer innovative solutions, accompany more than 400 clients in their Digital Transformation and work on international projects.

We understand no limits; our more than 28 years of experience have made us one of the market leaders. We combine our specialisation in new technologies with a broad knowledge of our clients' business challenges.

From our offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Cádiz, A Coruña, Palma de Mallorca, Zaragoza, Huelva, Valencia, Milan, Lisbon, Montevideo and Miami we carry out projects focused on Enterprise Architecture & DevOps, Atlassian, Consulting & Methodology, Integration & Development, IT Infrastructure Services, Big Data & Analytics, eCommerce, User Experience, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence.

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