ATDev and BioT Medical Transform Physical Therapy Through Advanced Remote Care and Assistive Technology

Atlanta, October 30 — ATDev, a leader in assistive technology, and BioT Medical, the industry's only cloud platform for self-service, open, and regulated MedTech solutions, announce a strategic partnership today at the American Conference of Rehabilitative Medicine (ACRM) 100th Annual Conference.

The collaboration will redefine orthopedic rehabilitation by combining state-of-the-art exoskeleton technologies with advanced remote care capabilities.

About ATDev's Reflex

Reflex, ATDev's groundbreaking platform is designed to enhance outcomes and remote care experience for patients recovering from musculoskeletal injuries or surgeries such as total knee replacements. Reflex uniquely applies both assistive and resistive forces to the patient's knee, allowing effective, ongoing progress monitoring and feedback throughout the rehabilitation process and liberating patients to do so outside of a traditional clinic setting.

In initial studies, ATDev’s fully functional, telehealth-enabled MVP has been proven to measure critical joint angles as effectively as conventional physical therapy tools. They are now progressing to targeted studies to validate at-home compliance to prescribed Reflex physical therapy plans.

How BioT Medical is Transforming ATDev's Operations

BioT Medical's platform has become an integral part of ATDev's strategy to revolutionize physical therapy through remote care.

Elevating Patient Outcomes

ATDev leverages the BioT Platform to empower physicians to monitor patients' ongoing progress, enabling immediate interventions and targeted care. The real-time data collection and modeling flexibility of BioT's platform has been particularly beneficial in improving device functionality, and ultimately, to a patient’s return to independent mobility. 

Accelerating Clinical Evidence

BioT serves as ATDev's primary platform for gathering patient outcome data, including a range of motion, isometric strength, and adherence to exercise routines. This has been especially crucial in ATDev's clinical trials, where the ability to adapt to real-world data quickly is invaluable.

Streamlining Device Operations and Navigating Regulatory Compliance

BioT's comprehensive capabilities enable low-friction data collection and adherence tracking for patients and clinicians. This increases Reflex device usage rates and billing insurance under new reimbursement codes, such as remote therapeutic monitoring.  

Additionally, BioT's meticulous attention to regulatory compliance and cybersecurity has seamlessly integrated with ATDev's internal Quality Management System, further expediting the path to market.

"BioT has been instrumental in every aspect of our operations, from elevating patient outcomes to accelerating clinical evidence. Their comprehensive platform not only streamlined our device operations and navigated regulatory compliance effortlessly but also enabled us to launch our advanced remote care capabilities. This has liberated our team to focus solely on our device and algorithmic components. Additionally, BioT's flexible pricing model has been a perfect fit for our journey, accelerating our time to market," said Todd Roberts, CEO of ATDev.

"We are thrilled to partner with ATDev in this transformative journey. Their innovative approach to physical therapy perfectly complements BioT's mission to accelerate the development and deployment of MedTech solutions. Together, we are setting a new standard in patient care," said Daniel Adler, Co-Founder and CEO of BioT Medical.

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