Customer perspective:

“We believe V-LAP can slow down deterioration of heart failure, improve patient quality of life and reduce hospitalizations. It will be a game-changer, helping millions of patients. BioT’s medical-cloud platform enhanced Vectorious security through the built-in HIPAA and GDPR regulatory compliance capabilities, accelerated the V-LAP development time, and helped us move faster to clinical trials in Europe. Together with BioT, we can help our patients to take control and manage their disease.”

Keren Raiten
Head of Marketing
Keren Raiten
Head of Marketing

Vectorious' V-LAP System: A Game-Changer in the Heart Failure Disease Enabled by BioT's Innovative Platform

Vectorious created the first direct heart pressure monitor - a microcomputer implanted in the heart's left atrium alerting physicians to the earliest indications of changes in heart pressure, allowing them to start preventative treatment immediately.

Working with BioT, Vectorious overcame the challenges of scalability and security, bringing V-LAP to market faster

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Patient Monitoring & Engagement

Medical-Grade Cybersecurity

HIPAA / GDPR Compliance & Privacy

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