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You can develop anything in-house, but don't bury your head in the sand – our product is not a mere proof of concept. With regulation, cybersecurity, and scalability in mind, you may encounter complex challenges that you are unsure how to overcome. Instead, you can opt for something reliable and much more cost-effective. The risks involved are not worth it.

Erez Panir
R&D Technical Director
Erez Panir
R&D Technical Director

A Breakthrough Ultrasound Technology Integrates Remote Monitoring, Device and License Management Enabled by BioT's Platform.

Sofwave has upgraded its ultrasound-based skin-revitalizing system with remote patient monitoring, device maintenance, and license management capabilities. These enhancements aim to ensure smoother, safer, and more effective operation, benefiting both patients and dermatologists.

BioT's platform, with its proactive post-market surveillance capabilities, enables Sofwave to scale their operations and expand their market reach in a cost-effective manner. It also provides a higher level of system stability and faster customer service than ever before.

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