Your Cloud Solution for MedTech Innovation— From Concept to Market

Real-Time and Offline Data Capture
Sophisticated Analytics, and Intuitive Data Visualization
Device Management & Operation

Leverage Built-In Modules for Ongoing Safety and Efficacy Monitoring, Remote Data Collection, Processing & Analysis, and Device Utilization.

How BioT Works


The BioT platform is your cloud-based solution designed to streamline and accelerate your path from clinical studies to market launch. It enables you to easily integrate your device using standard protocols and APIs, create data visualization dashboards with a no-code interface, and seamlessly incorporate your proprietary algorithms and configure data models to meet specific requirements - enabling you to focus on what matters most: advancing your medical research and bringing innovative solutions to the market.


We Handle Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Quality Regulation Risks So You Don't Have To

Complying with key regulatory requirements, including FDA and MDR, BioT offers a Backend Support Suite. Our comprehensive package provides advanced cybersecurity measures, meticulous data privacy protocols, thorough vulnerability assessments, and rigorous penetration testing.

We deliver extensive backend services, robust cybersecurity and privacy modules, a ready-to-use Design History File (DHF), and a complete Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) to ensure your connected-care solutions are secure, compliant, and market-ready.

It’s Easier than You Think

Streamline Development & Operations with Integrated Modules

Leverage built-in modules for data collection, processing, and visualization, device monitoring, patient adherence, notifications, and more.

Simplified Integration with Just 16 Lines of Code

Speedy integration and robust open APIs enable almost seamless enhancement of your medical devices with just 16 lines of code.

Turning Vision into Reality

Experience the simplicity of demonstrating a fully functional connected-care solution to investors, customers, and key opinion leaders (KoLs) with BioT's platform.

Unleash Your Innovation

Bring your unique code and algorithms, adapt to market feedback, and evolve your product without limitations—all within the BioT ecosystem.

never end

BioT's flexible platform swiftly adapts to unexpected regulatory, privacy, technology, and clinical study changes, allowing you to focus on innovation without disruption.


A Single Platform for the Entire Lifecycle

Seamlessly transition from clinical studies to trials and finally to market, all while using the same robust BioT platform

You're in good company

Over 100,000 devices manufacturers across various medical domains such as cardiology, neurology, and orthopedics rely on BioT to power their cloud-based medical devices securely.

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See What Leading MedTech Innovators are Saying

Isaac Litman
"With BioT’s distributed medical device platform, Neteera was able to deploy their proprietary AI algorithm, creating an adaptive secured system that gives users with a seamless experience"
Keren Raiten
Head of Marketing
“We believe V-LAP can slow down deterioration of heart failure, improve patient quality of life and reduce hospitalizations. It will be a game-changer, helping millions of patients. BioT’s medical-cloud platform enhanced Vectorious security through the built-in HIPAA and GDPR regulatory compliance capabilities, accelerated the V-LAP development time, and helped us move faster to clinical trials in Europe. Together with BioT, we can help our patients to take control and manage their disease.”
Ronen Jashek
“We were searching for an Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) partner. The key features we had been looking for, we found in BioT’s platform: an end-to-end cloud-based solution, flexible infrastructure, built-in remote care workflows, and the ability to offload GDPR/HIPAA liability”.
Baptiste Planat
General Manager at PPRS Group
“The ability to run our algorithms on a secure platform was essential for our system, as was the ability to update those algorithms without requiring any further development investment.”
"You can develop anything in-house, but don't bury your head in the sand – our product is not a mere proof of concept. With regulation, cybersecurity, and scalability in mind, you may encounter complex challenges that you are unsure how to overcome. Instead, you can opt for something reliable and much more cost-effective. The risks involved are not worth it."
Erez Panir
R&D Technical Director
Vineet Johnson
"We had a choice: develop our own secure cloud platform or partner with BioT, a proven leader in secure, privacy-compliant, cloud-based medical device platforms. We chose BioT for their expertise in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and their customer-friendly approach. This partnership allows us to focus on our core IP and mechatronic device while advancing our mission to help stroke survivors reclaim their independence."